USS Lexington Museum on the Bay


From our Sunrise Press Editor:

    My fellow Shipmates!  It brings me great pleasure and happiness to announce that we are holding our reunion in my favorite location...aboard the lady that means so much to us and was an important part of our lives.  A part that helped to make us who and what we are today.

     Y'know, when it comes to Corpus Christi, you don't just happen to go thru there, because it's not on the way to anywhere.  You have to go there on purpose.  Just as we are for our reunion.  The good part of this, is that Corpus knew there had to be a reason to come there, even before the Lexington Museum, so they made it a great place to visit more than once.  There is an aquarium, shopping districts, and an art museum just to name a few sites.  And the ship! Our ship!  Even they are finding new ways to attract vistors, so c/mon out and join us as we swap sea stories and enjoy good fellowship with each other.  And you first timers...you may come a stranger, but you will leave with TONS of new friends.  I hope to see you there!  ​Greg Plante

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Aquarium and Lex

2019 REUNION  

October 6 through 9 Corpus Christi TX


USS Lexington CV16/CVA16/CVS16/CVT16/AVT16 and CV2