USS Lexington CV16/CVA16/CVS16/CVT16/AVT16 and CV2


Become a Member of the USS LEXINGTON CV 16 ASSOCIATION

​The Association welcomes all shipmates, navy, marines, Ships Company, air group personnel who served at some time on a USS Lexington CV 16 (all her designations) or on the USS Lexington CV 2.

You receive a newsletter by email or by regular mail published quarterly by our editor Greg Plante.

​A donation of $20 per year is requested, but not required which supports the publication of the newsletter as well as our annual scholarship program which offers financial support to a deserving Association family member who is enrolled in a continuing educational program.

The Association also makes donations agreed upon at our annual reunions; typically those donations have gone to the USS Lexington Museum on the Bay; the U.S. Navy Memorial and select local memorials recommended by shipmates.

Everyone is invited to the annual reunion to meet old and new shipmates.