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USS Lexington CV16/CVA16/CVS16/CVT16/AVT16 and CV2


     Who is the USS Lexington CV16 Association?  We are former crewmembers, surviving family members, and support personnel from her commissioning in February of 1943 to the time she was struck from the naval registry on November 8th, 1991.  Though many of our early members have sadly gone on to their final muster, we are still quite the eclectic mix of members. 

     We hold reunions once a year in various cities and states where we catch up with each other, tell our sea-stories for the 250,000th time, hold a memorial service for any of our shipmates that have gone to their final muster since the last reunion, hold a business meeting to bring things before the members, enjoy a nice banquet with good food, entertainment, and fun to close out each reunion.  We always have a great time, make new friends, and look forward to the next reunion.

     We publish a newsletter, the Sunrise Press, 3 times a year to keep our members abreast of upcoming reunion information, and items of likely interest to our members. 

     Lastly, we'd LOVE for you to join us.  Just use the "JOIN" link in the banner above, and it'll take you to our sign-up form. We hope to see you at our next reunion, and Welcome Aboard the USS Lexington CV16 Association website. Feel free to wander through our site and get acquainted or re-acquainted with the Blue Ghost.