USS Lexington CV16/CVA16/CVS16/CVT16/AVT16 and CV2


New Front Page

You can email your completed form to Lance Wagner at

Welcome to the 2022 Gettysburg Reunion Registration page

     Here's the story.....We've been trying to provide an online form to fill out, submit, and pay for your reunion registration all at one visit to one page. But, it is not to be. The host, GoDaddy, does not support that kind of html coding. So, unless or until we decide to go to a new host, we're stuck doing it this way.

     However, we HAVE still made advances. You can pay here, and you can still email the registration form with just a little effort. See that big red button just below? Yeah... click it, and it'll open a pdf form that (if you look in the upper right corner of that screen after it opens, has an option to let it be downloaded. Now, here are your options. You can print it, fill it out and mail it, or you can download my favorite free software I've ever downloaded. It's called "Acrobat Reader DC".  I don't know what the DC stands for, but I DO know that it allows you to fill out the form ON YOUR COMPUTER. How cool is that? Then you can save it and attach it to an email and send it to Lance Wagner. All without having to leave this site, which is good, because if you look below, you see another button to click. Yes, you can safely and securely pay online with your credit or debit card and save a trip to the post office.  We hope you like this ability.